Our products

With presentation in corrugated cardboard boxes, Vacuum Pack System (empty).

The Qualities

PAMOC, offers its customers First Quality products.

It refers to whole, healthy almonds, of uniform color, and they are classified according to size and weight.

Whole beneficiated nut that has no chipping, is not split, has no oil diffusion, retains its characteristic color and is classified according to the following caliber:

Medium (Medium): 110 to 129 potatoes per pound

Midget (Dwarf): 160 to 179 pepas per pound

Tiny (Lowercase): 180 to 220 pepas per pound      

Medium: 110 a 129 Unid./Lb.

Midget: 160 a 179 Unid./Lb

And we attend orders of the following Qualities:


he Second Quality: They have suffered some kind of chipping in the process.

Its Name is: Almond benefited or cracked up to 1/8 (one eighth) of its normal size, it can present diffusion of oil and / or a color not characteristic of the first quality almond.

Chipped Kernels


Third Quality: They are pieces of almonds cut and trimmed

Broken: Size <= 1/3 to 2/3 of the Seed.



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