Pablo Julio Aue de Barneville has been working in the chestnut industry for more than 60 years; beginning this activity with his Lord Father. In the first instance they were only engaged in the use of Brazil's chestnut in the MONTE CARLOS Production Unit; which said private property is duly registered and also having an Expectativito Right as a Traditional User which assures us own raw material in addition to that acquired from third parties.


After a series of improvements, constructions and commissioning of the factory; Again in June 2013, it began to be exported with Pablo Julio Aue de Barneville-PAMOC (Processor of Products of the Amazon Monte Carlos) where to date (September 2017) it has been exported:

59 containers

A value of $ 6,863,959

Consisting with a quantity of 17 Customers.

To be at the forefront in the application of the most stringent standards demanded internationally we decided to implement controls of Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practices in all areas of the company, ranging from the Reception of the Raw Material to the Packaging and dispatch of the almond (Brazil Nuts), we also decided to strengthen our foreign trade department to attend in the best possible way the requirements of international clients, giving them total satisfaction.


Accounting department:

Cylinder Area:


Storage area:


Broken Area:

The PAMOC family is made up of more than 150 people in all its production areas, ranging from reception of material to packaging, being mostly women for being more careful with almonds. We also have the areas of; General Management, Production Management, Commercial Management, Quality Manager, Human Resources, Accounting Manager and others. The importance of the chestnut lies not only in its contribution to the economy of the mentioned region, but also because of its ecological component in the preservation of our Amazon rainforest.


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