Our history

The first activities of the company date back to the 60's, where a title is initiated by the agrarian judge of Riberalta. With the idea of ​​progressing and strengthening the economy of the region, exploring productive spaces in the Bolivian Amazon, coming to form “barracks” production units, during the boom of the Goma, extractive activity of the latex of the “ebra brasilensis” tree.

Then, English businessmen took the seed of the Gum tree and cultivated it in Malaysia, bringing with it the fall of the trade of this product in the area but, in order not to leave an empty economic space in the region, the strength and vision of working people from this area they took the “barraqueros” to look for new forms of economic income and it is since then that the “Bertholletia Excelsa” Chestnut boom begins, boosting again the productive nuclei, conserving the forest with great care since, this is an activity 100% collectively without damage to biodiversity, obtaining an ecological and organic product by not using any type of product harmful to the forest and fauna of the Amazon.

PAMOC, faithful compliance with the laws that govern, begins to sanitize its forests by investing high costs to achieve its objective that, then through a Supreme Conciliation Decree a large part of the improved lands (roads, establishments) were ceded to the State remaining in possession of 15,000 hectares considered as non-timber forest concessions to continue collecting the chestnut.

In the trance of the extraction of the rubber to the collection of the Chestnut where we always work in the care of biodiversity and in the search to expand the work, the idea of ​​Process “benefit” the chestnut is born, beginning to build own buildings to obtain a product suitable for human consumption. This is how we start business activities against every problem in Dn's home. Julio Aue de Barneville, a visionary and hardworking man from this area, born into commercial life with the name of “JABIEX” in the early 90's .

“JABIEX” has been developing its activities in a normal way, fulfilling all its clients abroad and its obligations in the country but, with the uncertainty of the existing legal security and with the intention of fulfilling the economic - social function, all were carried out the studies for the elaboration of Forest Management Plans in two (2) plots, the first of 17,000 and the second of 19,000 hectares, studies that were successfully approved but, due to unexplained decisions of the former forest superintendency, we were suspended, losing all the investment made, causing an economic lag of considerable magnitude to the coffers of "JABIEX" but, this does not limit the desire to grow and move forward with the support of family members .

In view of the expansion of the chestnut trade, we decided to promote the creation in 2009 of PAMOC, beginning with the purchase of a larger and better condition land, where we are today. We install the “beneficiary” factory, the equipment and most importantly we hire the plant staff and we surround ourselves with suitable people in the management offices, all under strict compliance with the sanitary, commercial, quality, environmental and tax requirements, the which demonstrate a serious and consolidated company.


At present, the PAMOC family is made up of more than 150 people in all its production areas, ranging from reception of material to packaging, being mostly women for being more careful with almonds. We also have the areas of; General Management, Production Management, Commercial Management, Quality Manager, Human Resources, Accounting Manager and others. The importance of the chestnut lies not only in its contribution to the economy of the mentioned region, but because of its ecological component in the preservation of our Amazon rainforest .

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