Welcome to the Monte Carlos Amazon Products Processor (PAMOC)

The first activities of the company date back to the 60's, where a title is initiated by the agrarian judge of Riberalta. With the idea of ​​progressing and strengthening the economy of the region, exploring productive spaces in the Bolivian Amazon, coming to form “barracks” production units, during the boom of the Goma, extractive activity of the latex of the “ebra brasilensis” tree.



PAMOC, has national and international certifications, complying with the standards required to export our products.

Export Experience

Pablo Julio Aue de Barneville has been working in the chestnut industry for more than 60 years; beginning this activity with his Lord Father. In the first instance they only used Brazil's chestnut.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

To provide you with a better service and information, we place some frequently asked questions about the company and our products.

Padron and Operating License

We have the documentation required by law, totally updated for guarantee and compliance of the activities that we have been developing with Pamoc company.


You locate us in:

Av. Alizo Barrio Petrolero Riberalta city Department Beni, BOLIVIA Fixed telephones: (591) 8522714 - (591) 8522707

Mobile phones: (591) 76885850 - (591) 76861448